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Transparent, clear and fair.  We believe at the heart of interpreting value in a financial relationship, is an understanding of costs and compensation.

There is no charge for our initial exploratory meeting.

PLANNING MEETING - $4,000.00 billed at end of planning meeting

PARTNERSHIP -   As a fiduciary and Certified Financial Planner, I have specific responsibilities when managing your accounts, placing your needs first and acting in your best interests.  I am compensated from your accounts I manage, and my cost relates to the size of your account.  As your accounts grow, as does my compensation.  I am vested in your success so risk management, costs analysis and performance receive ongoing priority attention.

These annual charges are split into quarterly segments, and deducted from client accounts: 

  • $500,000 to $1mm                      1% Annually
  • $1mm to $2mm                          .9% Annually
  • $2mm to $4mm                          .8% Annually
  • $4mm to $8mm                          .6% Annually
  • $8mm +                                      .4% Annually

Ex.  Managing $1,400,000 for a family - $900,000 in an IRA and $500,000 in a non retirement account.  The total annual charge for our services is .9% annually; therefore .225% is deducted from your accounts each quarter.

*These fees pertain to advisory services offered through Cetera Advisor Networks and do not include all fees charged by Cetera Networks as the Broker Dealer and specific fees within an investment. These fees are included in the prospectus and client agreements.