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Path to Partnership

Meetings are for you! We can sit together face to face at my office. Sharing a phone conversation provides an excellent path to learn, share, listen and promote action. Screen sharing combines technology, video and voice; from your separate offices or together at home.
Encrypted email works for sharing documents and coordinating meetings.


At this first meeting, I am listening for what you hope to achieve and what you are looking for from your investment partner. I ask more detailed questions at this point to determine your current financial picture, timeframe, goals, concerns and risk tolerance. Honestly, this is where you are deciding if you like me and I’m deciding if I can add value to your situation. Are we compatible communicators? To me, this is a must.
At the end of this exploratory meeting, if we are feeling, YES we want to move forward, we schedule a planning meeting and share documents.


A flat rate* of $4,000 is charged for this research, preparation and our time together.

This segment typically includes:

  • Customized goal/needs outline
  • Investment assessment and go forward strategy
  • Cash flow assessment
  • Risk management snapshot
  • Written success assessment with recommendations

If you have additional elements that require research and preparation, we simply add this to the list above.  

A clear articulation of your goals helps to answer the most common question I am asked.

“How am I doing?”

During this meeting, we answer this question head on.  This meeting is fluid and ideally involves equal parts of presented information, questions and answers. Influential or helpful parties—accountants, adult children or other family members—are welcome at this meeting.

At the conclusion of this second meeting, I ask the individuals to take some time to digest what we have discussed.  At this point you have invested your valuable time with me, as I have done with you.  I am applying for the job to help you accomplish these goals and succeed.  If you would like my ongoing help planning and managing your investments, this is when our “partnership” begins.  No pressure is also a priority. Partnership is designed for the long term, and success is born from equal enthusiasm. 

*This fee is waived for Partnership clients bringing combined accounts exceeding 1 million dollars.


Welcome aboard!

We’ve identified areas of focus and items to take action on. This is when we start checking off boxes, measuring performance, and clarifying short and long term goals.

Moving accounts and performing investment redesign work, is complex. We handle complete orchestration. This process involves diligence and is driven by us.
This stage ends when identified actions are completed and savings/spending structures are set into motion and account design is up to date. We provide ongoing communication and welcome questions every step of the way.


We connect with an overview of your complete situation at least once each year. If you need us before then, due to a job change, life experience, we are always close by and want to meet. 

During these meetings we:

  • Catch up on life, relationships, family and work
  • Update our planning platform with your current financial details
  • Assess and benchmark performance and strategy
  • Take action on the items previously identified and set new goals

We will schedule regular investment reviews based on your preference. Again—this can be done in person, over the phone or by phone/screen sharing.  There are no separate charges associated with these periodic meetings, my compensation comes from the account management responsibilities.